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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Southeast Drift's Triple Threat: Round 3.

Well, first thing is first I suppose: an introduction. My name is Bryant and I like to take photos. I'm still relatively new to photography as a whole, but I am a fast learner and study techniques used by others and incorporate them into my own style. I learned how to photograph on a Canon 40D and from the start of it, I knew I'd like to pursue photography as more than a hobby. The first time I photographed any drifting though was at Formula D in May. During both days of FD, I surprised even myself. Since then, I've had a birthday and received a Canon T1i to use as my primary camera. I think that is a sufficient introduction as we're all here for the coverage of Southeast Drift's Triple Threat Round 3.

First of all, a big thanks to Marcos and all the guys at Southeast Drift for hosting these events at Turner Field. If you've never been to one, I highly recommend going. The atmosphere is always very friendly, the people are awesome and understanding of each other. If anyone is wondering how to hold a local drift event, this is exactly how to do it. The only downside to going out to one of these, if you're like me, is getting sunburned, but even that is just a small price to pay for what can be a great time in the parking lots at Turner Field.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

SEDC ProAM Competition @ Gresham Motorsports Park

Once again the guys at Southeast Drift put on a phenomenal event.  Having worked the night before I was a little late to the party but apparently it all worked out due to a push back in the day's schedule.  But alas I was able to get some shots in between the videos I was also shooting.  As I stepped out of the car onto the gravel that surrounds the track I immediately felt like I was swimming, except there was no water to be found.  

Marcos coordinated with Atlanta's own ATLFreestyle to give the crowd some very nice entertainment while the drifters prepped the cars for the next set of runs.  I have heard a lot about ATLFreestyle from a good friend, and his words were nothing less than spot on on how good these guys were at what they did.  Darrick Stafford and Chad Cohran tore up the asphalt, and by the end of the day they had a 4-wheeled beast join in on the shenanigans as well!  This event by far exceeded my expectations, I just only wish there were more people.....maybe this post, photo's and soon to come video will show you just how much fun one of these days really is, and next time *cough*July 31st in Nashville*cough* you will come out and enjoy!

the flock of media

at some points these two reminded me of dumb and dumber